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Children & Family
from 6 months

Moderne Kitafotografie im Allgäu

Kindgerecht | natürlich | modern | einfache Bildauswahl

Time with children flies. It's getting harder and harder to remember what our children used to be like. As time goes on, these moments become more and more important.

For you as a family, as well as for the child who asks questions about themselves.

You probably know the feeling when you look at pictures of your own children. Each photo is like a window into her world and tells a story of her growth and development. These images are invaluable to you because they capture the precious memories you share with your children.

Every look, every smile and every gesture is unique and unforgettable.

When you look at these pictures, you feel a deep love and connection for your children.

You remember the little hands that clasped your hand, the soft voice that called your name, and the warm hugs that made you happy.

These images take you back in time and let you relive the moment.

In every recording you will find a treasure trove of memories that you will keep forever. Every picture is a testament to the beauty of your children and the wonderful journey you experience together with them. One day you will look at these pictures and they will take you back to the most beautiful moments of your life as a parent.

Fotograf, Kempten, Neugeborene, Kinder, Schwangerschaft, Hochzeit, Preise, Leinwand, Album

Your child as he or she is

Whether in the studio or in the beautiful nature that we can use around the studio, your child will be the focus. We take the time we need. The children first need time to arrive and get to know me. They are allowed to have this time, because this is the only way to create casual and natural shots.

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