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Neugeborene | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), Fotografie, Familien

Newborns & Babies

Neugeborene | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), Fotografie, Familien

When should I contact you and how does everything work?

Your baby ~ pure, natural and timeless

Wrapped in delicate fabrics and protected in one of your hands.

Every baby is unique and special.

From the moment of birth, one can sense his individual character.

And that's exactly how I hold your child in the first few days - just as he is. Whether awake or sleeping, full of needs or in quiet contentment.

That's why every photo session for me is unique.

Every family and every child needs their own attention, and that's exactly what I'm giving to you.

The most important thing for your pictures is you as parents and of course your baby, whether with or without siblings.

You are the core when it comes to your pictures.

I use cozy materials for your baby and let him feel the security of your hands.

They should feel safe and protected at all times.

During the session you will also be in close proximity to your baby and have direct contact with him to create unique and touching images.

The simplicity and reserved approach to my images give them a timeless beauty that remains untouched by changing fashion trends.

When is the session booked?

As soon as you know your expected delivery date, you can book with me. Since these little people come whenever they want, I can keep a time slot open for you so that I can offer you an appointment in any case, because sometimes I am fully booked weeks in advance. All ages are welcome here. However, the younger the baby, the easier it is for everyone involved. This way the most beautiful pictures can be created when the newborns are still very small.

Newborn | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), photography, families

When will the babies be photographed?

As soon as your baby is born, I ask you to let me know. Then I'll look for your next possible appointment straight away. Experience has shown that the first 14 days after birth are best. The babies are still sleeping quite a bit during this time and the entire session will take place without much stress for the little ones.

In general, my sessions are planned individually with you.

Neugeborene | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), Fotografie, Familien

What if my baby doesn't want to sleep?

Our session may be the first outing for your baby or for you as a family.

Some children are very awake and attentive in the first few days. A strange environment, strange smells and sounds literally invite you to discover something new. Especially if your baby slept in the car on the way to me, he or she may be well rested enough that the session is far too exciting to fall asleep instead.

It is precisely these attentive looks that are beautiful in pictures and reflect your baby's character very well.

As long as your child looks at the world in a good mood, everything is fine. As soon as it becomes dissatisfied, you can take over your part and breastfeed, feed or cuddle. If your baby still wants to stay in your arms, that's no problem either. Then we take advantage of the situation and take cozy pictures with you.

Are there also pictures with us as a family?

Of course and that is also important. In every possible constellation. If you don't dare to be completely visible in front of the camera, there is still the possibility that, for example, your hands with the baby can be seen. These images interacting with your baby have a very special magic.

Newborn | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), photography, families
Newborn | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), photography, families

And if there are several babies?

Multiples are not a problem at all in my studio. We have enough time for our session so that I can stage all members of your family.

If there are triplets or more, I can get a colleague to help.

But no matter whether there are one or more children... the price is always the same.

Siblings during the session

If your baby has one or more siblings, I will depend entirely on them if they should also be in the pictures. Every child is different and every child reacts differently to unfamiliar people and surroundings. The older siblings should arrive here first and then I react spontaneously. There are many ways to get the siblings in a picture together. I decide what constellations there will be based on the situation. Depending on what the children tell me and what age they are.

Newborn | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), photography, families
Neugeborene | Bea Haas - Lillyanna | Kempten (Allgäu), Fotografie, Familien

what happens if...

There are countless situations that we did not want or consider. Maybe you're just worrying in vain about something that might not be a problem for me. ​ Sometimes the umbilical cord has not yet fallen off or the belly button has healed. Sometimes a baby has a leg in a cast or other restrictions or special features. None of this is usually a problem at all and most of it can be easily solved or concealed. So please don't skip the session, but let me know what I should take into account and whether there are any special features when dealing with your child. ​ It is also absolutely the norm for your baby to "dirty" the blankets or accessories. Everything I use is washable and is cleaned after every session anyway. ​ In very rare cases it happens that your baby has a really bad day and cannot be satisfied. These situations are not endured desperately. It is then advisable to postpone the session to another day. Especially during developmental spurts, babies tend to be dissatisfied and have to come to terms with their own changes. Unless the dissatisfaction comes much later and I was able to take enough pictures so that we can end the session. I will make the decision and in this case there will be no repeat appointment. ​ If the sibling is not approachable or doesn't want to, they won't be forced. Usually at least a few pictures are possible and there is no point in putting pressure on the older child. It is nicer if the children remember the experience with the photographer as positive, because in kindergarten or school they will be able to benefit from the experience with the photographer and great pictures will be created to remember them. ​ It can also happen that your baby may be born earlier than you imagined. This is absolutely no problem either, because I plan your delivery date and even though your child may already be several weeks old, in terms of development, it will be a newborn on our exact date. Maybe an awake newborn but that's no problem at all.

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